ProWerk in practice product


Target cost management on large projects for the American and Chinese automotive industries
Our client is a manufacturer of machining centres and interlinked production systems with worldwide operations. The overall cost targets must be safeguarded for tightly budgeted large orders in the American and Chinese automotive industries with more than 100 interlinked machining systems. Equally important is upholding the deadlines pledged to the end-customers.
- Enter all the cost items of large orders into the Cost Navigator.
- Perform value engineering for the interlinking.
- Identify new suppliers.
- Draw up suppliers' contracts.
- Incorporate assembly into the development process.
- Achieve permanent cost transparency with the costs navigator.
All costs targets and deadlines were upheld. After applying the ProWerk methods to one large project, these were successfully employed on four more large projects.
Time period: a total of 18 months