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Cost reductions on proximity switches, best-case calculations 
Our client is a leading global manufacturer of proximity switches and sensors. Metal sleeves, all of which have to be bought in from outsider suppliers, make up the lion's share of the production costs of the proximity switches. The goal is to reduce the production costs for metal sleeves by more than 30%.
- Carry out a systematic evaluation of the range of sleeves.
- Specify the reference sleeves. 
- Identify the best possible, most modern production facilities
  for the entire range of sleeves.
- Make inquiries at the manufacturers of production facilities.
- Evaluate the quotations.
- Draw up business plans for various locations.
- Carry out simulations for different boundary conditions.
- Work out an implementation plan.
Re-integration of the production of metal sleeves at one of the client's production plants in Eastern Europe. Manufacturing costs reduced by more than 45%.
Time period: 6 months