ProWerk in practice product


Design-to-LCC during the development of an LCC-optimised lathe
The goal is the development of a new generation of lathes for a leading global machine tool manufacturer. The prime goal of the development from the initial concept onwards is customer benefits through minimum life cycle costs (LCC) and not only the manufacturing costs and hence the market price of the product.
- Add an LCC calculation tool to the ProWerk Cost Navigator.
- Perform continuous LCC calculations on components and
  subassemblies even during the earliest stages of development.
- Incorporate suppliers into the development process at an early stage.
- Value engineering
- Take decisions on subassemblies on the basis of the LCC prognoses.
- Achieve permanent cost transparency with the LCC Navigator.
The targeted selection of machine components with the LCC Navigator by applying LCC analyses resulted in a substantial reduction in the follow-up costs for lathe customers. After just 10 years, the savings in after-sales costs by far exceed the capital outlay for the lathe. On the other hand, the extra cost of LCC-optimised machine components is low when compared with conventional components.
Time period: 18 months