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Global mechanical engineering user and sales questionnaire
Our client is one of the world's leading manufacturers of special machines. A major part of the product portfolio must be redeveloped from scratch in the short- to medium-term in order to meet the demands of future markets. Existing ideas regarding the technology for the new product series are to be checked and verified through a global user and sales questionnaire.
- Develop an electronic questionnaire for a survey of all sales staff worldwide.
- Draw up a questionnaire for a survey of users.
- Carry out personal interviews with more than 100 customers and non-customers in Europe, Asia and America.
- Evaluate the results according to markets, sectors, customers and non-customers, insider and outsider views, model series, etc.
- Compare the results of the user and sales staff questionnaires.
- Correlate the results with important technological trends.
- Adapt the specifications to the newly identified market requirements.
- Provide those who took part in the surveys with feedback regarding the most important results.
The global survey of users and sales teams produced completely new findings for our client, on the technical side sometimes quite amazing. One prime success of the market analysis is due to the correlation of results from the insider (sales) and outsider (users) viewpoints. The same is true for the comparison of the statements of customers of our client on the one hand, and those who are not customers, on the other. The market analysis led to comprehensive modifications to the original specification.
Time period: 3 months