ProWerk in practice product


Design-to-cost for lathes
Our client is a manufacturer of lathes with worldwide operations. A new costs-sensitive customer base is to be tapped with new models based on standard machines. As the client was until now exclusively a high-end player, achievement of the target costs is the No. 1 priority.
- Adapt the ProWerk Cost Navigator to the brief.
- Perform value engineering on all components.
- Identify new suppliers.
- Incorporate suppliers into the development process at an early stage.
- Draw up suppliers' contracts.
- Incorporate assembly into the development process.
- Achieve permanent cost transparency with the costs navigator
- Support the project management.
Cost reductions of 49% for machines with a small chuck diameter and 42% for the larger model when compared with similar models. The timetable was upheld.
Time period: 18 months