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Setting up continuous assembly operations for machining centres
The current stationary assembly of machining centres is to be replaced by continuous assembly. The objectives are to reduce the throughput times and assembly costs by 40% and to improve productivity. Our client is a manufacturer of machining centres and special machines with operations worldwide.
- Establish the continuous assembly team.
- Specify the continuous assembly layout.
- Carry out a systematic analysis and evaluation of potential  
  transport systems.
- Draw up the plan for realisation.
- Inform the suppliers.
- Devise a continuous regulatory process for mechanical and
  electrical design.
- Hold daily team conferences in assembly (30 min each).
- Provide a graphic display of the regulatory structure of the continuous assembly operations.
Throughput time reduced by 63% as a result of continuous assembly. Assembly costs reduced by a similar order of magnitude. Assembly principle extended to another assembly area – with similar success. 
Time period: 5 months