A definite and objective position-fixing is the beginning of innovations and improvements. We compare your production with data of more than 100 small- and medium-sized European enterprises (SME). Match yourself with the best and get a comparison of more than 75 management ratios on following focal points:

A new correlation method, which was developed at the Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools (IFW) of Hannover University, offers following benefits:


  • Compared to other methods of benchmarking where companies are compared overall the new correlation method identifies most matchable companies individually for each management ratio out of the databank. This method doesn’t compare apples and oranges.


  • Time and effort of data acquisition is limit on one half-day interview of one of your staffs.


  • Total costs for the benchmarking of your production particularly favorable.


The benefits of benchmarking your production are various:


  • Detect strengths and flaccidities of your own production


  • Identify room for improvement and derive reasonable steps


  • Compare divisions and locations


  • Monitor the achievement of reorganization


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