Product development

Our methods and tools are particularly effective in those companies that develop and manufacture advanced technical products:
mechanical engineering
automotive engineering
plant engineering
process engineering
aerospace industry
packaging technology.
In the development process, costs and deadlines are directly related. A product development that has not achieved the specified targets with respect to total cost of production will also never achieve the specified deadlines, and vice versa. Design-to-cost and time-to-market are inextricably related.
ProWerk's many years of project work has led to the development and optimisation of methods and tools that are based on these relationships and provide vital assistance for achieving successful projects.
For the optimisation of technical details, we are fully conversant with value analysis methods and deploy these as required. The aim is never the application of methods for their own sake, but rather always the achievement of the technical and economic specifications for the new product. Furthermore, ProWerk can introduce its own technical approaches for the cost-effective design of components and subassemblies.